News Year’s Resolutions

We may be in the final days of the third month of 2015, but I have been busy spending my time seeing some of my New Year’s resolutions come to fruition!

Knowing that my studies would soon be ending, during January, I began to speculate on how I would occupy my time and I knew that giving up my photography would never be an option. My camera has certainly become an extension of my eye and I really strive to interpret the world through my images; therefore, I had to come up with some ideas to continuing with this passion.

Thinking that motivation would be in issue, I signed up for a short course to investigate Light and Exposure further, although little did I know that motivation would never be a problem, so I am now juggling my time between study, photography expeditions and setting up my new website/blog.

During my study with the OCA I realised that I really enjoyed writing, enjoyed documenting the work I was conducting and putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper. Knowing that this had become an inaugural part of my learning process, I considered extending this by creating my own journal, which I have decided to do in the form of this website/blog. Having spent the past few weeks considering content, design and purpose, I have decided that too much planning and preparation may not be a good thing and with all the thought I had been putting into my work, it seemed likely that I would never get round to publishing my first article. With this in mind I am throwing caution to the wind; even though 2014 was a good year for my photography, this website will start with the images taken this year, although I am sure to dip into some of my projects from last year too. As things happen I will share them and I will try to mix things up to make my website an interesting read, that is all I can promise for now but I am looking forward to starting this new chapter in my photography.

Its all in a name as a departing paragraph, I wanted to share my decision on the name of my photography venture. I have been pondering for a few years on the best name for representing my work; I did not want to use my name in the title, but had to find something catchy that could easily be associated with me. As most people know I am a redhead and names such as Coppertop Photography or Red Images were already taken, I therefore had to find something new that perfectly fit my persona. It really happened as a light bulb moment as I remembered the adverts for Coppertone suntan lotion as a child (remember them, the star of which was Jodi Foster). Research confirmed that this name had not been taken by someone else and that is when Coppertone Photography was born.

© Coppertone Photography Mt. Sinbulsan
© Coppertone Photography
Mt. Sinbulsan

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