Sometimes things just don’t work

Having spent the last few days tidying up my work for submission to Uni, my camera was desperate for an outing, and to be honest I needed a break from staring at my computer for days on end. The weather has been beautiful and with spring in the air I went on the hunt for cherry blossom; cherry blossom season is BIG in Korea, everybody wants to see it, photograph it, walk amongst it and generally get up to no good when these delicate little pieces of life herald the onset of warmer weather, bluer skies and the joviality of summer. Knowing that we are on the cusp of life returning to nature, I headed out of the door enthusiastic to see what I could find, however little did I know that my adventure had been planned about 5 days too early and those pesky little flowers would be budding but not quiet blooming!

I headed to the Japanese fortress in Jinhae; famous for its cherry blossoms, Jinhae is the must-go-to place at this time of year and knowing that their usual festival was set to start on April 1st I was convinced that I would find mountains of things to photograph and having read that the fortress was a stunning cherry blossom location to visit this would be my shooting location for the day. Okay, so the spot was not completely barren, and I could see much evidence of the blossoms ready to break free of their winter cocoon, but I couldn’t help but feel disappointed that my trek could prove fruitless, however the determined photographer in me headed out in search of magnificence.

The very first thing I found was this old shack, surrounded by debris, muck and flies; what struck me here was the transition between old and new and how even the most desperate place can be briefly transformed into a location of beauty. The blossom had not completely formed however those petals that were present certainly made for an interesting scene.

Realising at this point that colour would not be forthcoming, I decided to concentrate on other things that caught my eye; old door locks, the position of trees against the landscape and a rickety gate leading into meadow being prepared for growing.

For me, one of the best photos of the morning was taken in an old rice field, long forgotten and left to fester and harbour the unimaginable – I think the owner is going to get wet when the summer rain eventually arrives …

© Coppertone Photography
© Coppertone Photography

More photos from todays outing can be found here – oh and I did find some cherry blossom to photograph!

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