Photo Walks

My very first photo walk of 2015 happened whilst visiting the UK during the New Year. Things had been a little hard going and I needed to let off some frustrations, what better way to do this then to step out with my camera.

© Coppertone Photography
© Coppertone Photography

I think my initial mood could be felt through the images I sought; the local church and graveyard seemed a good place to start, however as my macabre lifted solitude in my surroundings and the setting sun soon became my companion.

Sometimes it is best to head out with no specific plan in mind, you never know where your journey may lead or what interest you can find in familiar places. I certainly never suspected that my hometown held such beauty, although I am quickly beginning to realise that the quality of daylight can have a dramatic effect on the world we inhabit, which I am continuing to explore through my camera’s digital eye.

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