The Internet could go into melt down over the coming weeks as spring begins to sweep its way across the Northern Hemisphere.

Spring Madness
Spring Madness

As one of the many who go in hunt of those delicate little flowers that herald the transition from the slumber and thoughtfulness of winter to the hope of new beginnings that spring has to offer, I found myself out early with camera in tow this morning, hoping for more luck than my earlier outing this week to find new life in the dormant surroundings of Ulsan.

Life is definitely beginning to return to this industrial city; with every trip I take I find new colour in the surrounding countryside, and as warmth continues to build in the sun, blossom is starting to show its hand on every street, park and mountainside vista. Soon we will be inundated with colour and everyone who owns a camera, be it a phone, compact or SLR, will be found snapping away to within an inch of their lives. I can’t blame them really, as every year it is my intention to discard the thought of photographing the newness of spring, but every year I find myself like everyone around me, jostling for position, trying to capture the perfect image as a reminder of this wonderful time of the year.

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