Keeping it Local

I like to photograph beautiful and interesting things, but sometimes there are not enough hours in the day to fit in road trip, so photographing in the proximity of where you live is often the only option.Taehwa River, Ulsan

Even though today rose a bit dull, a mist hung over Ulsan that I thought may be interesting to investigate and having recently read Up for Discussion: Photographing Your Backyard by photographer Leanne Cole, I decided to throw camera over shoulder and incorporate a photo outing with my morning walk.

Early morning walks are sacred for me, it is a chance to energise my body, ponder on the day ahead and catch up with some of my podcasts that do not involve photography. This small jaunt usually takes in a section of the Taehwa River (the life line of Ulsan) and although not the most picturesque place on the plant, I often kick myself that the Nikon was left at home.

Taehwa River, UlsanToday’s outing was more about looking and seeing than about capturing beauty and splendour. The river was fairly calm, so interesting reflections were captured in its depths and although there was a decent coverage of cloud, the mist, along with fleeting appearances from the sun, conjured up some images that were not necessarily outstanding, but defiantly proved interesting. It is outings like this that help us hone our photography, enabling us to see interesting shapes and practice shooting under tricky conditions

Of course, at this time of year, any outing with a camera will include some images of the blossom; I was lucky that the clouds and mist lifted for a while enabling me to get some Cherry Blossomlovely cherry blossom shots. Last year I missed cherry blossom season, so I am not beating myself up too much about photographing it in its glory this time round.

More images from today can be found here.

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