Studying for a BA(hons) Degree in Photography

I have spent the past three years studying for a BA(hons) Degree in Photography; this has been a great, if not hard experience as I have learnt so much about imagery from a both technical and aesthetical point of view. These three years form part of a 6-year post-graduate course, which at this moment in time I am contemplating whether to continue after the summer.

People and Place
People and Place

For the final assignment we were required to follow a photography brief in a professional capacity;

of course this would be hypothetical so we had to decide upon a client, write our own brief, capture the required images and place them within an article that could then be used by our client. The project was really time consuming and very hard work; although I admit to enjoying every moment of the time I spent on this task and reaped the rewards when my tutor sent me a glowing report. This project can be found at the following link.

After my feedback had been received, it was suggested by a few of my friends that I submit the document to the National Geographic (my chosen client for the assignment) for their consideration which I did, but secretly held out no hope of a response from them. Imagine my surprise when two-weeks later an email arrived from the NGS, which of course was a letter of rejection, but WOW they actually took the time to respond to my enquiry.

I was not at all surprised that my work was passed over after all, being a reputed organisation they only work with seasoned writers or those who have outstanding credit in the field of journalism. In their own words NGS state, “It is extremely difficult to win a first assignment with the GEOGRAPHIC. The editors do not look at unsolicited portfolios. Because there is a large investment behind each NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC article we are conservative in choosing writers, opting for those with well-established reputations. Our editors continually review the published work of top journalists and invite those whose work impresses them to send a portfolio. At this time, we have far more interested freelancers than we do assignment.”

I am not really that disappointed by this reply, but hey wouldn’t it have been great if they wanted to publish my work? What I am is really chuffed to think that they took the time to respond to me, it isn’t everyday that you receive an email from a large organisation like the NGS, so it is something that I will actually keep and cherish for years to come.

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