Photography Genre’s

Greenwich with the city as a backdrop


I do not have a particular photographic genre, I do not always think about the kind of photos I want to take before heading out with my camera and I do not necessarily plan the mood or landscape I am trying to capture. What I do like is to photograph things that appeal to me, I like to find scenes that are clear and crisp, I like strange angles and a little bit of abstract, sometimes I like to take candid photos that may or may not include people and I always know that my memory card will contain a mixture of images that capture the day in its entirety.

Such a trip transpired whilst in the UK at the beginning of the year; heading to Greenwich to take in an exhibition I was keen too see, I took my camera (plus a couple of willing volunteers) on a jaunt to London. Over this past winter I have concluded that I like shooting during the cold bleak months, not because it is cold or bleak, but because the trees are mostly bare and the sky a glorious mixture of colour, cloud and mist; you can see so much more of the landscape when it is devoid of leaves and flowers and often find some interesting opportunity to really see the world. Don’t get me wrong, I really do enjoy shooting the spring and autumn too, but there is something about the cold harshness of winter that quickens my pulse and gives me the urge to take photographs.

I was not particularly optimistic about my photography when setting out that morning, and I really did not expect my camera to come out of its nice warm bag, however reaching our location and taking in the world around me, it soon transpired that there would be an eclectic mix of things to photograph and so the day was captured.




Days like this are great and are always a photographic adventure. Yes there are times when planning and thought needs to be taken before heading out of the door, however, there are also times when free spirit and spontaneity rule and these are often the days I enjoy the most.

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