The Lone Hiker

The Lone Hiker
The Lone Hiker

The Lone Hiker is where it all began … I think I had been taking photos for about two years when this shot appeared in my view finder, it was this that made me stop and think and this that made me want to know more about photography.

This photograph was taken in October 2009 while we were living in Okpo, Geoje Island, South Korea. Having received my first SLR for Christmas in 2007,

I had been flirting with photography and occasionally taking my camera out on our walking expeditions, however when I captured this shot of my husband I was amazed that I had been able to take something so ‘nice’ and it was then that I started to think that I could maybe do so much more.

It took four more years for my real photography passion to ignite, but in between I was known to pick up the odd photography magazine and try to replicate some of the images I saw furnish the glossy pages. I then found myself in the fortunate position to actually learn the technical side of making photos and my digital eye has therefore enabled me to capture the world through my images.

Five years after the Lone Hiker made his first appearance, he began to emerge again and could often be found in the mountains, on a beach or marvelling at the beauty created by a cascading waterfall. He has become my constant companion and will continue to be all the time he allows me to capture him in stunning locations; on the precipice, looking out to sea or relaxing after a hard walk.

This is a project I really enjoy adding too and as more photos of the Lone Hiker emerge, I will add them to his dedicated gallery, which can be found above.

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