Getting published

Following on from my post yesterday, I received a telephone call asking if I would give permission for some of my images to be used in a company press release. “Yes, of course” came my reply.

Feeling excited about the prospect that one of my images may be used to promote my husbands company, I was really pleased to think that my work had been well received by our host and liked enough to be included in an official document.

Around lunchtime today the email I had been waiting for arrived, and although I have not been credited for the shot used in the article, there was one of my images proudly leading the page.

Vessel Naming Ceremony
Vessel Naming Ceremony

It is really great when something like this happens; especially when one can have doubts about the quality of ones work. This is a great boost and an unexpected chance to share some of my work; I love the feeling that seeing my images being used gives me and I hope this is not a one off, but something that will continue for many years to come.

The article that this image partners can be found here

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