Airplane Photography

Why is it that you never have a decent camera to hand when some fantastic photographs are just waiting to be captured?

Airplane Photography

This happened to me just a few days ago while I was sitting on a flight travelling between Busan in the south and Seoul to the north of the Korean peninsular. The Korean peninsular has a stunning landscape, peppered with mountains and lakes crying out to be explored; one of the best ways to get a feel for this rugged landscape is from above and the window seat of my short flight proved this to be true.

My early morning trip presented me with some fantastic scenery; the rising sun captured the low clouds as they lay between the peaks and troughs of the mountainous terrain and with my Nikon safely tucked away in the confines of its travel bag, I had to rely on my iPad to capture what I saw from the window.

I have never really used my iPad as a camera before but I am quite pleased with the way these images turned out; I have not been able to capture the clarity or crispness afforded to me by the D800 although you can certainly see the beauty of the landscape below. Being JPEG files I had to be mindful during my post-processing and under processing was an interesting task to undertake. These shots may not be as good as the ones I would have captured with an SLR, but they do cement a moment in time I may never have the pleasure of seeing again.

This has got me wondering about the policy surrounding airplane photography; I know that it is off limits to photograph in certain areas of an airport, but what are the rules surrounding photography from within the plane? This is something I intend to investigate further especially if I find scenes like this again in the future.

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