Studying for a BA(hons) Degree in Photography

I have spent the past three years studying for a BA(hons) Degree in Photography; this has been a great, if not hard experience as I have learnt so much about imagery from a both technical and aesthetical point of view. These three years form part of a 6-year post-graduate course, which at this moment in time I am contemplating whether to continue after the summer.

People and Place
People and Place

For the final assignment we were required to follow a photography brief in a professional capacity;

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Silhouettes at Daewangam Park [Ulsan]

I am really lazy!

Sunrise SilhouettesBefore I go to bed I have all these fantastic ideas of how I will get up long before sunrise so that I can head to some fantastic location to capture a perfect sunrise. The only problem is, I can’t get my lazy backside out of bed in the morning and with sunrise currently set at around 6:15AM, and a five o’clock alarm call is enough to send shivers down the spine of any budding photographer. Today was no exception and even though my eyes sprang open long before the sun crested the horizon I still struggled to make it out of the door before a more respectable time registered on my clock.

The reason I have been hankering an early morning call is the prospect of capturing some silhouettes against the majestic colours of dawn; this was a subject we covered last week during my Exposure: Understanding Light course and being a fan of this type of imagery I have been keen to give it a go.

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Sometimes things just don’t work

Having spent the last few days tidying up my work for submission to Uni, my camera was desperate for an outing, and to be honest I needed a break from staring at my computer for days on end. The weather has been beautiful and with spring in the air I went on the hunt for cherry blossom; cherry blossom season is BIG in Korea, everybody wants to see it, photograph it, walk amongst it and generally get up to no good when these delicate little pieces of life herald the onset of warmer weather, bluer skies and the joviality of summer. Knowing that we are on the cusp of life returning to nature, I headed out of the door enthusiastic to see what I could find, however little did I know that my adventure had been planned about 5 days too early and those pesky little flowers would be budding but not quiet blooming!

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Taking in our surroundings

I am currently taking a short course called Exposure: Understanding Light; I wanted to do this as I felt I needed a little more study in this area of my work and also, if I had trouble finding inspiration for photography (not likely it seems), I would have some motivation to get out with my camera.

The first couple of weeks covered white balance and exposure compensation, all very fundamental stuff although I did pick up some new tips and tricks to incorporate into my work. This week, our assignment has been a little more interesting and involves our looking at the properties of light within our surroundings and more specifically its effect during both a sunrise and sunset.

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