I’m no Landscape Photographer

I do not particularly class myself as a landscape photographer, but wanting to try my hand at different photography genre’s I have been playing around with landscape images more recently. Continue reading I’m no Landscape Photographer

Sometimes things just don’t work

Having spent the last few days tidying up my work for submission to Uni, my camera was desperate for an outing, and to be honest I needed a break from staring at my computer for days on end. The weather has been beautiful and with spring in the air I went on the hunt for cherry blossom; cherry blossom season is BIG in Korea, everybody wants to see it, photograph it, walk amongst it and generally get up to no good when these delicate little pieces of life herald the onset of warmer weather, bluer skies and the joviality of summer. Knowing that we are on the cusp of life returning to nature, I headed out of the door enthusiastic to see what I could find, however little did I know that my adventure had been planned about 5 days too early and those pesky little flowers would be budding but not quiet blooming!

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