Photo Walks

My very first photo walk of 2015 happened whilst visiting the UK during the New Year. Things had been a little hard going and I needed to let off some frustrations, what better way to do this then to step out with my camera.

© Coppertone Photography
© Coppertone Photography

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Taking in our surroundings

I am currently taking a short course called Exposure: Understanding Light; I wanted to do this as I felt I needed a little more study in this area of my work and also, if I had trouble finding inspiration for photography (not likely it seems), I would have some motivation to get out with my camera.

The first couple of weeks covered white balance and exposure compensation, all very fundamental stuff although I did pick up some new tips and tricks to incorporate into my work. This week, our assignment has been a little more interesting and involves our looking at the properties of light within our surroundings and more specifically its effect during both a sunrise and sunset.

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