Buddha’s Birthday Preparations

Heading Yonggungsa [Busan]

Being a temple dweller of sorts, Buddha’s Birthday is a special time. Dependent on your location in Asia will depend on when this event is observed although usually it will fall on the date of the first full moon in the fourth month of the lunar calendar, which here in South Korea is typically sometime during the month of May. Continue reading Buddha’s Birthday Preparations

Seoknamsa Temple

SeoknamsaAlso known as Seongnamsa, and translated means Southern [Seok] Rock [nam] Temple [sa], Seoknamsa is, as far as I know, the only temple in my local area that is resided over by Buddhist Nuns. This may not be apparent if you do not visit South Korean temples that often, but when looking around this stunning complex there are little feminine touches that make this a special place to visit.

Nestled into the base of Mt. Gajisan, the tallest peak in our local alpine network, Continue reading Seoknamsa Temple

A New Year, a New Hobby

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have a passion for visiting and photographing Buddhist temples and one of the promises I made to myself in the New Year was to make the effort to visit at least one new temple a week whilst in South Korea.

"Wishes" outside Cheonwangnum
“Wishes” outside Cheonwangnum

One temple I had never previously ventured to visit is called Beomeosa범어사 or the “Fish of the Buddhist Scripture Temple”. Even though I chuckle at the seemingly bizarre translation of these temple names, I am sure there is great meaning to those Buddhists who call this particular temple their home (p.s. I never found any evidence linking fish to Buddhist scripture during my first visit!)

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