A Passion for Temples

Having recently finished my studies, I was worried that I would loose my edge and struggle to find things to photograph. I signed up for a short course covering the basics of light and exposure, thinking that it would not hurt to revisit some fundamental technicalities surrounding photography. For all that this transpired to be a waste of money and effort, I did have the opportunity to explore and learn new things, and as continuing our education is never a bad thing, all was not lost in the process! While waiting for the course to start I began revisiting some of the Buddhist Temples I had photographed in the past and it was during these exhibitions that I had my light-bulb moment; I really love visiting and photographing temples.

Seokbulsa Temple
Panoramic view of Seokbulsa


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The Lone Hiker

The Lone Hiker
The Lone Hiker

The Lone Hiker is where it all began … I think I had been taking photos for about two years when this shot appeared in my view finder, it was this that made me stop and think and this that made me want to know more about photography.

This photograph was taken in October 2009 while we were living in Okpo, Geoje Island, South Korea. Having received my first SLR for Christmas in 2007,

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