Photography Genre’s

Greenwich with the city as a backdrop


I do not have a particular photographic genre, I do not always think about the kind of photos I want to take before heading out with my camera and I do not necessarily plan the mood or landscape I am trying to capture. What I do like is to photograph things that appeal to me, I like to find scenes that are clear and crisp, I like strange angles and a little bit of abstract, sometimes I like to take candid photos that may or may not include people and I always know that my memory card will contain a mixture of images that capture the day in its entirety.

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Hopefield Animal Sanctuary

When I was in the UK earlier this year, I was invited to spend a few hours at the Hopefield Animal Sanctuary based in Brentwood, Essex. This sanctuary is a non-profit organisation that dedicates its time to caring forHopefield Animal Sanctuary unwanted and mistreated animals from across the county. Greatly supported by the artist Leona Lewis, Hopefield cares for a vast menagerie of animals; from cattle and horses to ducks and cats as well as smaller varieties including rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchilla. This is a great place to bring the kids, as the sanctuary encourages interaction with the animals and a host of events are always arranged to bring attention to this great cause.

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Photo Walks

My very first photo walk of 2015 happened whilst visiting the UK during the New Year. Things had been a little hard going and I needed to let off some frustrations, what better way to do this then to step out with my camera.

© Coppertone Photography
© Coppertone Photography

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