Stepping outside of our comfort zone

As photographers we tend to stick with what we know and feel comfortable with, however today I found myself squarely sat outside of my usual comfort zone. A few weeks ago, a good friend of mine asked whether IJeju Statue in Ulsan Grand Park would take the time to speak with her daughters about photography; now talking photography is something I do well, I can sit for hours and discuss images, shooting situations and what I feel is the best light, but this is usually within a situation where I feel comfortable, amongst my peers or with people who know me really well, however being faced with speaking to strangers, teenage strangers to make things worse, brought me out in a very cold sweat.

“What are you doing tomorrow?” my husband asked me, “taking a few girls out on a photography tutorial” I replied sheepishly; “REALLY!?!?!” came the response, “you hate doing things like that!” Oh how he knows me and more importantly knows my fears.

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